I need Bobbi to be Simmons’ best girl friend.

And I need Mack to be Fitz’s best guy friend.

And I need Mack and Bobbi to realize who blind their friends are being to their feelings.

And then they make an elaborate plan involving nearly everyone on the team to get them together.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to be happy to comply."

"What?" Fitz questioned. But the priest had taken off his mustache to reveal he was Bakshi.

Simmons’ face had gone blank next to him.

"Dr. Simmons, are you ready to comply?"

"I’m happy to comply."

"No!" Fitz shouted.

"Dr. Simmons, I want you to… eat all the wedding cake before Fitz gets a chance to!"



Ok, never underestimate the foreshadowing on this show. Jemma’s time at Hydra is coming back to bite her in a big way, calling it now.

I think we only think that we’ve dodged the brainwashing bullet.

That’s just the kind of thing this show would pull, especially since the alien thing is hitting its climax now. Got to have something else to pull out of the hat.

I mean nothing screams I’ve really been brainwashed (or close) like saying she probably would have ended up brainwashed and of course she did say “Happy to comply.”

Also kind of thinking that Fitz’s line about “Is it really you?” is important, not just because of what it says about Fitz, but because it sounds like a clue. Imagine Fitz keeps saying there’s something not quite right with Jemma and no one listens because Fitz hasn’t been the same and they just think he’s imagining things.

I could see this being true. Bobbi’s watching closely, but she can’t guard her all the time. And one time she misses something. Simmons seems normal afterward, but she’s not. She’s been brainwashed, and even Simmons doesn’t know it.

Whitehall and his second discussed their distrust of Simmons, and affirmed they would make her comply. Then they showed Simmons in that elevator. Maybe they had already brain washed her. They would just have to make her comply, then, not go through the brain washing again.

And then they find out she is SHIELD, so they chase after her. Because there’s a hope she can be made happy to comply. And they need SHIELD intel. But she gets away.

But the next time they meet, you can bet they will try every trigger word in the books to make Dr. Simmons “happy to comply”